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Erin Ficenec

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What My Clients Say
Erin is a motivated advocate for you. She will be there for you throughout the process of buying and selling homes.

— Buyer | Seller

What My Clients Say
Erin was wonderful to work with! She was very responsive at all hours of the day, very task/action oriented, and made purchasing our home enjoyable we appreciate all of her hard work!

— Davis P.

What My Clients Say
Erin is dedicated and adamant to help make your goals a reality. She tackles all bumps in the process with grace and follow through impeccably well. I’m thankful to have had Erin by my side as I sold and bought my new home.

— Kathryn O.

What My Clients Say
My boyfriend and I had the pleasure of working with Erin. From start to finish she was very responsive, kind, and a constant professional. Erin made buying our first home an enjoyable and easy experience by doing anything to help. We highly recommend Erin!

— Amanda G.

What My Clients Say
Working with Erin was an absolute pleasure. She was masterful at navigating us through the buying process and is a true professional in any circumstance. While being all of that, she is also sweet, assertive and a joy to be around. We highly recommend her to any seller or buyer and would absolutely use her again.

— Patti & Manny A.

What My Clients Say
I highly recommend Erin to any potential buyers. Beyond being an extremely kind person, she is highly knowledgeable of local market trends and navigating the buying process. She is willing to give personal time to get contracts and offers processed in time and is extremely responsive. Erin makes an uncomfortable home buying process easy. I cannot recommend her to other buyers enough.

— Nathan A.

What My Clients Say
Erin is excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. She is diligent and meticulous, smart, continually finds solutions to problems and an extremely kind person with a genuine interest in her clients' best interests. Erin, thank you for all that you did to sell our home and construct a contract that won me the lovely house that I am living in now. I will be...

— Susan R.

What My Clients Say
Erin has been a wonderful person to deal with. We were completely remote during the entire process and she won our trust quickly with her insights and care for what we were looking for. A marvelous person who is attentive to detail, responsive, makes you feel as if you are her only client, and is there with you through the entire process of the house purchase. I would recommend Erin to anyone that wants ...

— Mark S.

What My Clients Say
Purchasing a home can be a stressful, time consuming and frustrating experience. We were so blessed to have had such a patient, knowledgeable, kind hearted and eternally optimistic Angel like Erin walking us through every single property. Explaining any and all questions we had throughout the process from the beginning all the way to closing (and there was a lot!) Last minute showings, working around our...

— Jamie M.

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